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c.1910 Roosters - Ohara Koson - Round

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Ohara Koson (1877 – 1945) was a Japanese painter and woodblock print designer of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, at the forefront of shinsaku-hanga and shin-hanga art movements.

With striking ored beaks that bring a splash of colour to any room, these beautiful Rooster prints bring back to life illustrations of the early 1900s. Portraits of this style were originally printed in black and white before being hand painted over the top to give them bright, vibrant colours, which we’ve restored to their former glory here in our studio in Lancashire.

Printed with archival grade methods for the finest quality and durability, these delightful toucans come ready to hang in frames made from sustainable wood. Each and every component is hand cut, printed and assembled in Britain to create pictures of distinction with minimal carbon footprint.

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