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Passion Flower Print - Sydenham Teak Edwards Framed Print

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Beautifully reproduced and printed & framed in the UK, this is a reproduction of a 19th Century original painting.

'Passion Flower' by Sydenham Teak Edwards - 1799

"Welsh-born Edwards came to London in 1788 at the invitation of the artist-publisher Edward Curtis, to design prints for the latter's "Botanical Magazine: or, Flower Garden Displayed." The use of body colour on vellum was favoured by the earlier German botanical draftsman Georg Dionysius Ehret, who established the medium's popularity after settling in England in 1736. The way that this flower grows against a detailed landscape echoes the format pioneered by Robert Thornton's luxurious "Temple of Flora (1799-1807)," a series of colour aquatints for which Edwards designed "Hyacinths".

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